Saturday, 20 April 2013



Here are the pictures from that glorified evening. That evening when we finally get a hold of our own Diploma! We are truly sorry for being sweaty since the ceremony was held in our covered court and our Toga is freaking hot. Expect lusaw make-up and sweaty face, SWEAT. Ha Ha Ha!

Pre-Graduation: Class Picture
Block 4-ABCA!!!! Koreanese Dolls love you girls! :*

Graduation Day!

Getting paparazzi-ed by our parents! It's wacky time!! :)

With Kuya Jun! =)
Our favorite techinician, photographer! 
(I'm sure I have a pic with kuya Jun too! Ayaw niya lang i-upload haha!)

This was a great blessing for both of us indeed. We made it and we are ready for the next chapter of our lives! Well for now, let's just bum around for two months or so then its off to work we go! Wuhoo! Thank you for being a part of this journey dolls! A new chapter begins!
'till next post dolls!

A & K

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Hi Dolls! Lo and Behold! Our official graduation pictures! Wuhooo! :))

(Minor in Mandarin)

(Minor in Mandarin)

Let us not forget the our Barkada shot!

We would like to thank our parents for the never ending support, love, and patience. For the people who believed in us, our professors, our friends, the kuya janitor, ate malou(xerox), ate caf, ate guard, etc etc. Special thanks to the Communication Department and fellow students for giving us wonderful four years of stay in Miriam College. Another special thanks to Kuya Jun from the Comm department for tolerating our kakulitan at your office, Kuya Jun from the SMT bldg for our kakulitan sa pagpapareserve ng Lecture Rooms. Malakas kami sa inyo, aminin niyo mamimiss/namimiss niyo na kami! HAHA.
To those people who backstabbed us, betrayed us, hated us, used us, and more... Thank you. We really learned something from you, just remember, Karma is a Bitch. 
and lastly, kay Lord, super love mo kami! You've answered our prayers! We cannot do it without You. We love you! :*

I still can't believe it. It seems like yesterday when our first day of classes started and this lively (Who I thought was a Chinese but really Chinese by blood) girl asked me (Karla) if the seat beside me was taken. Let me take this time to make-drama about these crazy four years with you, Ara. :)
Akalain mo yun simula't sapul tayo talaga magkasama. We've been through a lot, far worse than having a boyfriend. We've made it our of our struggle, the girl drama, boy drama, studies, betrayals etc., we made it and we made it together. Madami mang tao ang sumubok ipaghiwalay tayo, be it the registrar, the people around us, the professors, etc. Hindi talaga tayo nag-away. I'm proud to call you my bestfriend because without you, feeling ko dead kid ako. HAHAHA! Kahit sabihin nilang sawang-sawa na sila sa akin at tayo padin magkasama, I don't care. I'm happy walking this path with you and your crazy thoughts. I will miss yung magkatinginan lang tayo alam na natin sa sarili natin na nilalait na natin sila, yung pagiging spokesperson sa ating dalawa, pag bebenta sa akin nung 2nd year ( alam mo yan!!! ) na nagbenefit naman ako kahit papano, sa pagiging pretty na tinatalbugan ako, sa lahat! haha
Walang magbabago, ganito padin tayo, dirty mind and selfish bitch. Bigla kong naalala, never (YATA) tayong nag-away ng bongga noh? Hihi! Hanep! Hahaha! At dahil miss na miss mo na ako na umaabot na sa napapaginipan mo ako (sweet mo pakyu! haha) ginawa ko to. In fairness, talo pa natin magshota! Clingy eh! Hahaha! Sabi nga sa "Strangers, Again", "I think that if life separates us and we end up in totally different places, i'll always remember when our paths aligned for this period of time, and i'll be thankful for that.." Will be forever grateful to call you my BestFriend!
Walang kalimutan! Walang iwanan! Bitchesa forever! Soul sisters forever! Love you! :*

Now let the quest in looking for a job begins! If you readers know a good job (comm/media related) please let us know. Hit up the comment section and we'll be forever thankful to you too!

'till next post!

A & K

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Shades of Dolls

Hi Dolls! :)
Here's whats been going in our day to day (week to week) lives from the start of the semester. I hope you'd enjoy it! (oh, I also want to name this post, "igersdaily" for most of the pictures here are from our instragam: karlacharmed06 | araalomesen ) ♥

Saturday Mayday

When we got nervous... in Thesis Class... Boom. =))

Saturday that I'm not either late or absent on our first class.

Shirt: Vintage | Jeans: Lee |  Flats: Shobe's | Bangles: Thrifted

Blazer: Tomato | Top: Mental | Jeans: Jag | Shoes: Barbie by Shubizzzz | Gold Bangles: F21

Together with Gwy throwback at Shuai Laoshi's Wedding

Shopping date. Mehehe.

Top: F21| Belt: SM Accessories | Skirt:Thrifted |Shoes: Parisian

Our lil apprentice!
Vest: Tita Sarie | Shirt: Tita Beck | Shorts: Achie

Throwback: when our hair was longer. <///3
Cardigan: U2 | Dress: Bazaar | Shoes: JellyPop
Denim kind of day
Celebrating Ara's 20th with this collage. Ang bilis ng panahon!

My gift to Ara! Look at that smug/smile! >:)


You see, we don't have much time to commit on this blog since we are were in the midst of "now or never"
regarding if we are were going to graduate. Haha! Hopefully, we'll keep this blog after graduation.. If not, we'll keep you updated in our separate blogs/instagrams. 'Till our next post!

A & K

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Hello dolls!
Please bear with us for not posting since January.

Since this year has entered, we've been on blog hiatus, focusing in our school works and all.

We are sorry for the inconvenience! But WE'LL BE BACK IN NO TIME! For now we'll make sure that we are going to graduate this March!

and Happy Valentines Month everyone! ♥

A & K

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Affair

Howdy! It's been a while I know! We've been tortured, twisted, drained in this semester! But thankfully, this will be our last ( AND THIS IS A MUST!) semester in Miriam College! We will graduate ( AGAIN, A MUST!) on March 2013! Itaga niyo yan sa bato! Hahaha!

Anyway,to celebrate Christmas, we and our barkada decide to spend our precious time in RedBox "Redstar" Trinoma. To tell you the truth, even if we are in the same school, the same block, and the same course, we haven't even find some time to get together since this semester pull off. I'm so glad we'd had this party because I miss them so much! :(

I was dead tired on that day because the day before this party, I had a little trip to EK then back to the north to celebrate a friend's birthday. I was practically high the moment I saw my friends in Trinoma so I don't have the time to doll myself up. Luckily, the ever fasyon Ara never forgets to wear fasyon clothes so imma put her ootd instead. 

This partey is hella fun! Even if it was just 2 hours and we spend almost 2k for it. I had a great time celebrating the Pre-Christmas with my Aduhrabuhl friends!

Our Aduhrabuhl friends! We love them so much!! (c) Ara

What are we doing here today? :) 

Skirt: Vintage | Blouse: Bazaar | Slippers: Ipanema

Necklace: Bubbles | Belt: SM Accessories 

Envelope bag: Zhane's | Manicure c/o Bali Bliss Spa | Bracelet Candy: from a Bazaar

This was the gift of our friend,Candace or as we call her, Kaye. Ara have the Green and I have the Pink! Thanks Kaye!

That's all for now! Have a wonderful Noche Buena! (It's Dec. 24 today isn't?) Merry Christmas and have a Happy Holidays!

A & K

PS: Did I mention we've overcome the doomsday? 12-21-12 HAHAHA! LOL! =)