Friday, 28 September 2012


Sorry for being MIA! We are so busy because of our BidyoFest and Thesis. (wew!)
We've been in our working clothes pretty much this few last weeks of September due to shooting days and we really look like losyang most of the time. But last Saturday, Ara decided to wear her shoes that was bought in USA.

Thick Chunk Heels - JellyPop

Now, on that day, I was also fascinated with two person. First is Arnie and her oxford shoes.

Primadonna Oxford Shoes

And Gela! She and Ara had the same top on that day! Haha!

Both: Zara Basics

That's all for that day. Sorry for not having an outfit post for K, she was really stressed that time so... We'll make it up to you! :)

'Till next post!

A & K

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