Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ylocos Chicas

We had a 3 day tour in Ilocos! The Moreno/Morenas region. No wonder I became Nog-Nog after this trip! Hahaha! We had opt for a very "pambahay" outfit because we had an about 12 hours of trip from MNL to Ilocos. It's so hard for our butts to sit for like 12 hours but we know it's really worth it! :)


Patapat Viaduct

my "Landbewohner", the owner of thr Bergblick restaurant!! :)
A lot of my friends said that we look alike.. Layo kaya! :))
( I don't remember his name, but I do remember that it sounds Russian to me. LOL )

Windmill! =)

Gryffindor Shirt from The Perfect White Shirt

DAY 1 END! =))
Will post more pictures soon!
For now, we shall dwell of focusing to our Thesis and Film.
So maybe in couple of weeks, we'll be on hiatus.
Hopefully, I'll get some little extra time to update y'all
Have a good day!


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