Monday, 8 October 2012

Ylocos Chicas Day 2

Queued much too long, here ya go!
The adventures of The Koreanese Dolls up in the North! ♥

(PS : please excuse our morning faces, we woke up late, haven't got a chance to take a good look in the mirror, much more... stressed...)

The famous, Puki-Puki of the North.. All i can say is..
"Ohmy! Ang sarap ng Puki-Puki ng Ilocos!!!")

This is where we stayed for our first night in Ilocos. :)

Marcos Museum in Batac

Marcos' newest secretary. ;)

Secretary looking for her LoverBoy Hardinero/Driver. ;))

Now I would like to share to you this experience we encountered during the visit to the Marcos Museum. The Koreanese Dolls are in awe with this set of clothes that Madame Imelda wore during their time. We are really jealous on how beautiful and delicate the details in the dress! Can't you see how beautiful they are? :)

And so Karla listened to the old radio....

Our friends goofing behind A. Photobombing expert level! :)

Fiercely eating Empanada... The winner is Arnie! :)

Our Friendship Bracelet that lasted only the entire tour. Haha! :)

Us raping the Dragon Fruit! LOL

Watch out for the Day 3! :)

A & K

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