Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Halloween - late post

Hi B(K)! Hahahaha.
I'm not like B(K) who dresses up for Halloween. (Not this time... pathetic holiday for me. lol)
So for this Halloween, my little sister Aishra joined our village's annual Halloween Party.

Minnie Mouse

Aishra won a price during the raffle event.

Kids and even adults joined the trick or treating.

I had a blast for this years Halloween Party!
B? Hahahaha (K kasi...hahah!)
(Are you going to kill me for this post? Haha)
(Not really no. Hahah!)

(Isn't she a cutie!!! :) But hey!! Kudos on your first post A! Missin' you already! I miss bebe too!!)

A & K

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