Wednesday, 7 November 2012

It's Showtime!

B! I went to SHOWTIME! =)
(You already!!!)

Me, Lyca, Kim, Aice and Omi

With Kuya Kim

Kim, Aice, Omi, and Mel Feliciano

Jhong and Ryan

I like Anne Curtis' outfit! Simple yet Stylish!

Karylle's red lipstick
I had a great time at It's Showtime!
Sayang nga lang at hindi ako nakuhang magsample! :(

Some of you might think why I call K, B.
Well, I call her B because
1. I forgot that she calls herself K 
2. I'd like to call her B! BEA! BEA!
Nag-iinarte ka pa at gusto mo pa K! Sapak you want?! Hahahaha
(Why yes ofcourse, maarte ako. hahah! Suntok you want? HAHA! )

'Till next post.



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